• Lifesaving Medicine

    Lifesaving Medicine

    CATALOG# 0304

    Lifesaving vaccines and treatments are too often out of reach, or simply unavailable, in parts of the developing world.  As a result, diseases like measles kill an estimated 122,000 people every year.  CARE provides lifesaving medicine to...

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  • Clinic Supplies

    Clinic Supplies

    CATALOG# 0307

    Scalpels, syringes, gloves, antibiotics, bandages, stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs are some of the basic medical supplies health workers in developing countries need, but don't always have. Help CARE save lives by providing rural health clinics...

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  • Latrines for School

    Latrines for School

    Worldwide, there are 4 million more girls than boys who do not attend school. One reason for this may be surprising - lack of proper toilets for girls, especially when reaching puberty. If schools offer, clean, separate toilets, enrollment goes up 11...

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  • Share of a Mobile Health Clinic

    Share of a Mobile Health Clinic

    CATALOG# 0309

    In the wake of a disaster, CARE provides a safe and secure place for health teams to assess and treat the sick and injured.  A weatherproof tent serves as a mobile health clinic for hurt and scared families to find much-needed solace and medical...

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  • Well Package

    Well Package

    CARE's Well Package provides everything necessary for a safe, durable source of clean water, as well as the community training required to maintain the well and ensure equitable access.

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  • 100 Ebola Education Posters

    100 Ebola Education Posters

    Early detection and treatment can save people infected with the deadly Ebola virus. It also protects their families, neighbors and brave frontline health workers. To help vulnerable people in poor communities understand the virus and break the cycle of...

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  • 2 Soccer Balls for Community Center

    2 Soccer Balls for Community Center

    For millions of children around the world, joy is round. CARE provides real, durable soccer balls for kids, allowing them to replace the makeshift banana leaf balls and lopsided wads of taped rags they often use for soccer. A ball is a great gift for an...

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  • 3 Feminine-Hygiene Kits for Teen Girls

    3 Feminine-Hygiene Kits for Teen Girls

    A feminine-hygiene kit, including soap, toilet paper, sanitary pads and towels helps girls stay in school. Sanitary pads help adolescent girls maintain their health and preserve their dignity. In the world's poorest communities, girls often stay home...

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  • 5th Birthday

    5th Birthday

    Child mortality around the world has dropped 70 percent in the past 50 years. That's great news. But a horrible fact remains: Nearly 7 million children die every year before their 5th birthday. After reaching their 5th birthday, a boy or girl's...

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  • Birth Waiting Home

    Birth Waiting Home

    Millions of pregnant women around the world don't have trained medical care during delivery. Often it's because they live too far from the nearest health center. In these cases, complications during childbirth can be deadly. To address this problem, CARE...

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  • Block of Six Ventilated Girls' Latrines

    Block of Six Ventilated Girls' Latrines

    Many girls drop out of school once they reach puberty because there are no separate sanitation facilities for girls. A lack of privacy and embarrasement are often what stand between a girl and her education. A block of six ventilated latrines will...

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  • Children's Premium Package

    Children's Premium Package

    CARE was founded in 1945 with the creation of the CARE Package. 70 years later the contents of the CARE Package may have changed, but it remains an icon of heartfelt giving and American generosity. Today's CARE Package provides urgently needed assistance...

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