• 3-Month Emergency Supply of Water

    3-Month Emergency Supply of Water

    CATALOG# 0303

    Emergencies often compromise water systems, leaving families vulnerable to deadly waterborne illnesses.  Your gift can provide a three month supply of clean, safe drinking water for one person.

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  • Cleaning of 2,000 Liters of Water

    Cleaning of 2,000 Liters of Water

    If cancer and AIDS could be cured with a glass of clean water, millions around the world would still die from them. That's because more than three-quarters-of-a-billion people lack access to clean water. Your small gift can provide someone with enough...

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  • Human-Powered Water Pump

    Human-Powered Water Pump

    It turns out elbow grease makes great clean water. CARE helps communities learn to build and maintain people-powered water pumps, a low-cost way to provide safe drinking water to poor communities. Treadle pumps, for example, create suction that pulls...

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  • Share of a Well

    Share of a Well

    Throughout the developing world girls and women are expected to spend hours every single day fetching water. It's time that could be better spent in school, working, or just being with family and friends. CARE helps bring clean, accessible water to poor...

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  • Tippy-tap


    A tippy tap is a simple, ingenious foot-powered handwashing system. Ideal for rural communities, it's operated by the feet, which reduces the potential transfer of bacteria to-and-from hands.

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  • Ceramic Water Filters

    Ceramic Water Filters

    Ceramic water filters are a centuries-old technology that still work. In communities where clean water isn't always available, a ceramic water filter is a cost-effective way of making safe drinking water.

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  • School Water and Sanitation Facilities

    School Water and Sanitation Facilities

    We usually take for granted that the water our children drink is clean and safe. Tens of millions parents around the world can't do the same. A gift of a water system for a school can ensure children have clean drinking water and safe handwashing during...

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  • Solar-powered Well Pump

    Solar-powered Well Pump

    Solar-powered water pumps are perfect for remote locations, like rural schools, where electricity isn't available. They're also cheap to operate once installed. CARE helps establish solar pumps at rural schools that otherwise wouldn't have access to...

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  • Village Water System

    Village Water System

    CATALOG# 0301

    With a working, clean water system near their homes, girls don't have to spend pre-dawn hours fetching water from far-away rivers and streams. Families don't have to drink unsafe, dirty water laden with disease-causing bacteria. We train and organize...

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  • Water Pump

    Water Pump

    In remote places with no access to clean water, a deep water hand pump is often the best way for families to tap water that's safe to drink. Illness from drinking dirty water is the one number one killer of children around the world.

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  • Water Storage System

    Water Storage System

    A tap with clean water is only part of the infrastructure of a clean water system. Safe storage of water is just as important. There's little point in pulling clean water from the ground if the water is then stored in polluted containers or transported...

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