• Lifesaving Medicine ($55)

    CATALOG# 0304

    Lifesaving vaccines and treatments are too often out of reach, or simply unavailable, in parts of the developing world. CARE provides lifesaving medicine to people and communities in need because no one should die from a disease that's easily, safely and...

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  • © 2013 Josh Estey/CARE

    Scholarship for a Girl to Attend Secondary School

    CATALOG# 0206

    The gift of education for a girl is the single best investment you can make to fight global poverty. Girls who stay in school are healthier, earn more money as adults, start families later - and are more likely to send their daughters and sons to school...

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  • 2 Goats

    CATALOG# 0101

    A goat gives a family nourishing milk to drink. It's also a vital source of income, since extra milk can be sold at local markets. And because they're always in demand, goats are like stocks or bonds, easily traded for vital goods and other animals.

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  • One Month of Emergency Food

    CATALOG# 0406

    Whether from drought, displacement or disaster, when food runs out, CARE provides families with lifesaving emergency packages containing rice, protein-rich legumes and other locally appropriate food.

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  • © CARE

    Where Most Needed ($250)

    CATALOG# 0704

    Our approach has broadened since the first CARE packages were delivered in 1946, but our passion for saving lives, defeating poverty and achieving social justice remains the same.  Your donation will help empower women and lift up entire communities...

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  • © 2014 Josh Estey/CARE

    Leadership Training for 1 Girl

    CATALOG# 0506

    In many countries, girls often lack opportunities to gain self-confidence and leadership skills.  CARE trains adolescent girls to build their assertiveness and serve as leaders in their villages and schools. 

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  • Lifesaving Help for Refugees ($140)

    CATALOG# 0602

    Every day, thousands of Syrians flee violence and fight for survival in what the U.N. has called the biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time. Your gift today can provide lifesaving assistance to these refugees. CARE's voucher card program...

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