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    Quick Gift

    If you're in a hurry or want a thoughtful gift you don't want to have to think about, let CARE help. Purchase the Quick Gift and CARE will send urgent relief and lasting solutions to poverty to the people and places that need them most. Whoever said easy...

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  • © 2013 Daniel Fava/CARE

    2 Pairs of School Shoes

    Back-to-school shopping isn't just something that happens only in rich countries. Even in poor countries where schools are free, students are still expected to pay for their uniforms and shoes. For the poorest families, this is sometimes impossible. CARE...

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  • © 2012 Erin Lubin/CARE

    5th Birthday

    Child mortality around the world has dropped 70 percent in the past 50 years. That's great news. But a horrible fact remains: Nearly 7 million children die every year before their 5th birthday. After reaching their 5th birthday, a boy or girl's...

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  • © 2014 Erin Lubin/CARE

    Cooking Classes for Two

    Learning a marketable skill can be a crucial step in overcoming poverty. CARE's support of vocational education often goes hand in hand with teaching basic literacy, numeracy, life skills and business skills. This, plus access to savings and credit...

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  • © 2013 Peter Caton/CARE

    Disaster Preparedness Course

    CARE's approach to disaster response begins with thinking ahead. Every dollar invested in preparedness and prevention yields many more dollars in savings when responding to emergencies. CARE works with community leaders around the world to develop...

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  • © 2010 Kate Holt/CARE

    English Dictionary

    Learning English can be the key to a future of broader opportunity. Students and teachers are eager, they just need the tools. A good dictionary can be a window on a wider world for kids in an isolated community.

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  • © 2012 Nguyen Van Hue/CARE | Flowers for School Gardens

    Flowers for School Gardens

    Pre-school kids blossom when they have the chance to work in a garden at a CARE-supported early childhood education center. Hands-on learning and taking responsibility for a garden plot are great first steps toward a future education.

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  • © 2004 Wim Dekker/CARE Nederland

    Pair of Ducks

    In addition to being approximately 100% cuter than one duck, two ducks produce more eggs and quickly usable fertilizer for farmers. Two ducks offer farmers a good source of egg protein and are better-suited for some farms than chickens because unlike...

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  • © 2013 Jenny Matthews/CARE

    Solar Phone Charger

    In the rural, developing world mobile phones are far more widespread than sources of electricity. A solar charger lets people charge their phones, which have become even more indispensable to the rural poor around the world than smart phones are to...

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