• Quick Gift

    Quick Gift

    If you're in a hurry or want a thoughtful gift you don't want to have to think about, let CARE help. Purchase the Quick Gift and CARE will send urgent relief and lasting solutions to poverty to the people and places that need them most. Whoever said easy...

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  • Share of a Well

    Share of a Well

    CATALOG# 0302

    With a working, clean water system near their homes, families don't have to drink unsafe, dirty water laden with disease-causing bacteria. When you help supply clean water to a village, you save lives, while also helping girls regain the strength to go...

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  • 3 Ebola Hygiene Kits

    3 Ebola Hygiene Kits

    The key to stopping the global Ebola outbreak is stopping its transmission in the most vulnerable and hardest-hit communities. For households without running water or sanitation, a CARE emergency hygiene kit offers a complete handwashing station to help...

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  • 60 Village Savings and Loan Association Ledgers

    60 Village Savings and Loan Association Ledgers

    CARE's VSLAs (Village Savings and Loan Associations) offer women an opportunity to safely save together and loan to one another to help start small businesses. Along with intensive financial training, CARE provides the groups with ledger books they need...

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  • Blackboard For a Classroom

    Blackboard For a Classroom

    Chalk this one up to a better future for a community. For $44 a school can be equipped with a new blackboard that will help teachers demonstrate lessons and educate children. Education is one of the most effective, and cost-effective, solutions to...

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  • Chicken Coop

    Chicken Coop

    CATALOG# 0111

    Unlike planted crops, chickens and other livestock can provide farmers with food and income year-round. To help farmers start raising chickens, CARE provides wire and boards to construct coops and pens. With clean, well-ventilated places to live, the...

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  • Computer Training for 14 Village Volunteers

    Computer Training for 14 Village Volunteers

    Basic computer skils are as essential to work and productivity in developing countries as they are in rich ones. CARE provides computer training to community volunteers, equipping them to help their neighbors develop the same skills.

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  • Cow


    CATALOG# 0104

    There's a reason farm animals are called livestock. A cow is a valuable investment that pays dividends for years in the form of protein-rich milk, cheese and yogurt. It's a source of income and and a store of wealth. A gift of a cow can change a family's...

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  • Early Childhood Development Learning Materials

    Early Childhood Development Learning Materials

    Children learn from the minute they are born. At early learning centers, children under 5 put their inquisitive minds to work learning basic motor and interpersonal skills - leading to improved development and preparedness for their formal school years...

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  • Emergency Hygiene Kit

    Emergency Hygiene Kit

    In the aftermath of disasters like earthquakes and typhoons, CARE distributes hygiene kits containing women's sanitary items, water jugs, soap and water purification tablets to help displaced families maintain their health and dignity. For example, CARE...

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  • Emergency Latrine

    Emergency Latrine

    When disasters strike, one of the most urgent needs is a safe emergency sanitation system. If human waste washes into creeks and streams used for fresh water, the result can be deadly outbreaks of diarrhea or even cholera. That's why CARE's emergency...

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  • English Dictionary

    English Dictionary

    Learning English can be the key to a future of broader opportunity. Students and teachers are eager, they just need the tools. A good dictionary can be a window on a wider world for kids in an isolated community.

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