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    Quick Gift

    If you're in a hurry or want a thoughtful gift you don't want to have to think about, let CARE help. Purchase the Quick Gift and CARE will send urgent relief and lasting solutions to poverty to the people and places that need them most. Whoever said easy...

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  • © 2013 Daniel Fava/CARE

    2 Pairs of School Shoes

    Back-to-school shopping isn't just something that happens only in rich countries. Even in poor countries where schools are free, students are still expected to pay for their uniforms and shoes. For the poorest families, this is sometimes impossible. CARE...

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  • © 2014 Miguel Samper/CARE

    60 Village Savings and Loan Association Ledgers

    CARE's VSLAs (Village Savings and Loan Associations) offer women an opportunity to safely save together and loan to one another to help start small businesses. Along with intensive financial training, CARE provides the groups with ledger books they need...

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  • © 2010 Josh Estey/CARE

    Bakery Business Start-Up Funding

    Give a woman bread and she'll eat for a day. Help a woman start a bakery and she'll feed her family and neighbors! A small investment can help an aspiring entrepreneur start a small bakery business.

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  • © 2010 Brian David Melnyk/CARE

    Business Management Training for 60 Women

    CARE delivers lasting change by addressing poverty's underlying causes. Through financial empowerment, women are better able to provide for themselves and their families. CARE's VSLAs (Village Savings and Loan Associations) offer women an opportunity to...

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  • © 2011 Josh Estey/CARE

    Computer Training for 14 Village Volunteers

    Basic computer skils are as essential to work and productivity in developing countries as they are in rich ones. CARE provides computer training to community volunteers, equipping them to help their neighbors develop the same skills.

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  • © 2013 Peter Caton/CARE

    Disaster Preparedness Course

    CARE's approach to disaster response begins with thinking ahead. Every dollar invested in preparedness and prevention yields many more dollars in savings when responding to emergencies. CARE works with community leaders around the world to develop...

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  • © 2013 Peter Catons/CARE

    Disaster Support Kit

    CARE was founded to deliver emergency food and supplies to war torn Europe. Though our focus now is on delivering lasting change, CARE is still ready to respond when disaster strikes. A disaster package contains emergency food and cooking pots, as well...

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  • © 2010 Kate Holt/CARE

    English Dictionary

    Learning English can be the key to a future of broader opportunity. Students and teachers are eager, they just need the tools. A good dictionary can be a window on a wider world for kids in an isolated community.

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  • © 2012 Giselle Hall/CARE

    First Aid Training For Teachers

    In remote communities without hospitals or clinics, schools are often the only place for a child to get help when accidents or injuries occur. A gift of first-aid training for teachers is an investment in a safe, healthy future for their students.

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  • © 2008 Josh Estey/CARE


    By equipping classrooms with laptops and teaching students to use basic software programs, CARE is providing a life-changing learning experience that is helping students become a part of the digital age no matter where they live.

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