• Scholarship for a Girl to Attend Secondary School

    Scholarship for a Girl to Attend Secondary School

    CATALOG# 0206

    The gift of education for a girl is the single best investment you can make to fight global poverty. Girls who stay in school are healthier, earn more money as adults, start families later – and are more likely to send their daughters and sons to...

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  • Child Marriage Prevention and Services

    Child Marriage Prevention and Services

    CATALOG# 0503

    Girls under 18 who are forced into marriage are less likely to go to school and more likely to be abused, contract HIV and face life-threatening complications while pregnant or giving birth. On a global and local level, CARE is working effectively to...

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  • Piglet


    CATALOG# 0107

    A farmer can raise a piglet to adulthood and sell it for profit. Like a savings account, a pig can be "cashed in" at a market so a family can pay expenses like medical bills, school fees or to buy more piglets.

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  • Quick Gift

    Quick Gift

    If you're in a hurry or want a thoughtful gift you don't want to have to think about, let CARE help. Purchase the Quick Gift and CARE will send urgent relief and lasting solutions to poverty to the people and places that need them most. Whoever said easy...

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  • 2 Boardgames for  A Community Center

    2 Boardgames for A Community Center

    Conflict is shocking and heartbreaking, especially for innocent children who find themselves far from home in a refugee camp. CARE creates child-friendly spaces in refugee camps around the world where children can play together. A simple boardgame can...

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  • 3 School Bags

    3 School Bags

    Children in refugee camps need a place to go to school. CARE provides safe school facilities for children uprooted by war.

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  • 5th Birthday

    5th Birthday

    Child mortality around the world has dropped 70 percent in the past 50 years. That's great news. But a horrible fact remains: Nearly 7 million children die every year before their 5th birthday. After reaching their 5th birthday, a boy or girl's...

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  • 8 Plastic Sleeping Mats

    8 Plastic Sleeping Mats

    When disasters or wars strike, people are often forced from their homes with few if any of their possessions. Sleeping mats will give a family of five a more comfortable place to rest at night, so they'll have more energy during the day to begin...

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  • Backpack and School Starter Kit

    Backpack and School Starter Kit

    In the world's poorest communities, children -- especially girls -- sometimes can't attend even a free public primary school because their parents can't afford school supplies. A school backpack filled with supplies like pens, pencils and notebooks can...

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  • Children's Premium Package

    Children's Premium Package

    CARE was founded in 1945 with the creation of the CARE Package. 70 years later the contents of the CARE Package may have changed, but it remains an icon of heartfelt giving and American generosity. Today's CARE Package provides urgently needed assistance...

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  • Construction of a Nursery

    Construction of a Nursery

    What happens during the early years is crucial for every child’s development no matter if they live in Kenya or Kansas. Many children in poor countries do not receive adequate early childhood care and opportunities to learn. Supplies to equip a...

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  • Early Childhood Development Learning Materials

    Early Childhood Development Learning Materials

    Children learn from the minute they are born. At early learning centers, children under 5 put their inquisitive minds to work learning basic motor and interpersonal skills - leading to improved development and preparedness for their formal school years...

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