• © 2015 Josh Estey/CARE

    Sewing Machine and Training

    CATALOG# 0509

    CARE provides training, business skills development and equipment like sewing machines to help women start their own tailoring business.

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  • © 2012 Erin Lubin/CARE

    3 Piglets

    CATALOG# 0106

    A farmer can raise a piglet to adulthood and sell it for profit. Like a savings account, a pig can be “cashed in” at a market so a family can pay expenses like medical bills or school fees, or buy more piglets.

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    Quick Gift

    If you're in a hurry or want a thoughtful gift you don't want to have to think about, let CARE help. Purchase the Quick Gift and CARE will send urgent relief and lasting solutions to poverty to the people and places that need them most. Whoever said easy...

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  • © 2013 Josh Estey/CARE

    Scholarships for 5 Girls to Attend Secondary School

    CATALOG# 0207

    The gift of education for a girl is the single best investment you can make to fight global poverty. Girls who stay in school are healthier, earn more money as adults, start families later – and are more likely to send their daughters and sons to...

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  • Share of a School

    CATALOG# 0204

    A new school is the pride of a community – a symbol of prosperity where children flourish as new possibilities are discovered. CARE provides the experts and the construction materials to support parents in building a new future for their children...

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  • © 2013 Josh Estey/CARE

    3 Rakes

    For farmers who rely on their strength and endurance to feed themselves and their families, reliable tools aren't nice-to-haves. They're must-haves. Farming is hard work, but quality rakes can help farmers reap more for what they sow.

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  • © 2012 CARE

    4 Water Treatment Kits

    Illnesses caused by a lack of clean, safe water kill as many people around the world every year as live in Chicago and San Francisco combined. When clean water isn't easily available, CARE provides water treatment tablets to make available water safe. A...

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  • © 2009 Kate Holt/CARE

    Agricultural Training

    In many developing countries, women are responsible for raising cattle and other livestock to provide food and income for their families. To give these women the training they need to succeed, CARE teaches them how to feed and care for their animals...

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  • © 2010 Josh Estey/CARE

    Bakery Business Start-Up Funding

    Give a woman bread and she'll eat for a day. Help a woman start a bakery and she'll feed her family and neighbors! A small investment can help an aspiring entrepreneur start a small bakery business.

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  • © 2009 CARE

    Bicycle For a Community Volunteer

    What do bicycles have to do with fighting global poverty? A lot, actually. CARE works in some of the world's poorest communities. Many are remote. More often than not, getting to them requires miles of walking or, if you're lucky, hitching a ride. A CARE...

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  • © 2012 Brendan Bannon/CARE

    Community Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Training

    Installing the hardware to draw clean water from the ground is only part of providing clean water for a town. CARE trains and organizes communities to manage, maintain and repair wells to ensure they stay operational long after our water teams have gone.

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