Bicycle For a Community Volunteer

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What do bicycles have to do with fighting global poverty? A lot, actually. CARE works in some of the world's poorest communities. Many are remote. More often than not, getting to them requires miles of walking or, if you're lucky, hitching a ride. A CARE community volunteer coaching farmers on improved planting techniques or helping organize meetings on pre-natal nutrition can see a lot more people, and get a lot more work done, if she or he isn't spending half the day walking or waiting for a ride. A reliable bike can help one person triple or quadruple daily productivity.

The gifts in this catalog are virtual gifts representative of what CARE does to support the fight against poverty.

To help deliver the most effective solutions to the greatest number of people, your donation will be combined with other funds and used where most needed, not necessarily to purchase or distribute the actual item shown. Gifts of Lasting Change help empower women, girls and their communities while also being a unique and meaningful gift for the gift recipient.


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