• © 2018 Timothy Buckley/CARE

    Seeds For 1/2 Acre of Farmland

    CATALOG# 172310SEAF00

    Every bountiful harvest begins with seeds. With enough seeds to plant one-half acre of land, a farmer can grow enough healthy vegetables to nourish a family of five for five months. Send a CARE Package of seeds today.

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  • © 2019 AHMED A. BASHA/CARE

    Financial Empowerment for Women

    CATALOG# 172310FEW000

    For a woman struggling to feed her family, joining a CARE Village Savings and Loan Association is a great way to turn things around for the better. This CARE Package helps a new Association with training, a secure place to save money, and access to small...

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  • © 2018 Ana Caroline de Lima/CARE

    Bakery Business Start-Up Funding

    CATALOG# 172310BBSU00

    Give a woman bread and she'll eat for a day. Help a woman start a bakery and she'll feed her family and neighbors! This CARE Package can help an aspiring entrepreneur start a small bakery business.

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  • © 2016 Abir Abdullah/CARE


    CATALOG# 172310CW0000

    A cow is a valuable investment that pays dividends for years in the form of protein-rich milk, cheese and yogurt. It’s a source of income and a store of wealth. This CARE Package can change a family’s life. 

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  • © 2018 John Hewat/CARE

    A Set of Library Books for a Refugee Camp

    CATALOG# 172310LBRC00

    Among the millions forced from their homes to live in refugee camps are hundreds of thousands of children who can no longer attend school. This CARE Package provides refugee camps with libraries so kids can read, so when they return home, they can more...

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