How It Works


Step 1: choose the CARE Package you want to send.

Because each CARE Package represents a small piece of CARE’s enormous body of work across 100 countries, you’ll be sure to find the perfect thing to send to a family in need, and to honor loved ones. 


Step 2: is something we'll take care of!

To help deliver the most effective solutions to the greatest number of people, your donation will be pooled with other contributions to CARE and used where it’s needed most urgently. Be assured each item in the catalog accurately represents CARE’s current poverty-fighting work. Your CARE Package purchase is a donation to CARE that will be used to help deliver the most effective, lasting solutions to poverty to the greatest number of people. Know that your gifts empower women, girls and their communities while also being a unique and meaningful gift for someone special to you.

With 90% of CARE's expenses going to program activities around the world, you can be sure your CARE Package will make a difference in the fight against poverty.



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